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Back Wall Mounted Electric Truck Air Conditioning

DATE: 2022-03-09
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Along with the development of The Times, the idea of energy saving in deepening, as the professional manufacturers of air conditioning, KINGCLIMA has been committed to solve customer problems, in order to solve some countries regulations when parking vehicles engine must be closed and some trucks can’t install rooftop air-conditioning, we launched Eclima2600S back wall install air conditioning.


Eclima2600S also use batteries powered let the air conditioner can use when the truck parking, we also use split design-condenser and evaporator is two parts, so the Eclima2600S can choose the installation location of the condenser and evaporator according to the vehicle model. The evaporator(inside parts) have seven rotate outlets, this allows the driver to adjust the wind direction and volume of the blower according to demand.

KINGCLIMA, let all drivers enjoy their driving!!!

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