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KK-50 Engine Driven Air Conditioner Used in Harvester Tractor

DATE: 2022-03-09
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Nowadays, more and more tractors and harvesters use air conditioners, and the driver’s working environment is getting better and better. However, with the increasing use of air conditioners on agricultural machinery, how to choose a suitable one becomes more and more important. Now we will introduce a traditional engine driven air conditioner KK50 for tractor use.


KK50 Detailed datas:

Model KK-50
Cooling Capacity 5000W/17000BTU
Voltage DC12V/24V
Driven Type Vehicle Engine Driven
Condenser Type Copper Pipe and Aluminum Foil Fin
Fan Qty 2
Air Flow Volume 680m³/h
Evaporator Type Copper Pipe and Aluminum Foil Fin
Blower Qty 1
Air Flow Volume 850m³/h
Evaporator Blower Double Axle and Centrifugal Flow
Condenser Fan Axial Flow
Compressor 5H14, 138cc/r
Refrigerant R134a, 1.1KG
Mounting Type Integrated and roof top mounted
Dimensions (mm) Evaporator 755*745*190


Air conditioner KK50 Display:


Our package is including all accessories, the whole installation can be finished within 1hour. Kingclima will provide video and manual guidance.


KK 50 Advantage:
1) Super large air volume with silent air, 360 degree air supply, three speed selection

2) Copper tube aluminum sheet design. Fast cooling. 10miutes will feeling cool.

3) Automatically adjust temperature according to room temperature

4)Good ventilation and heat dissipation, fast flow rate, we offer 2 years warranty.


More details of the tractor with KK50:




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