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Pros of cold chain transportation

DATE: 2022-11-08
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1: What is cold chain transportation service?


Cold chain is the process of transporting products that are temperature sensitive. With the global demand for perishable goods, the demand for this mode of transportation has skyrocketed. Suppose your business requires refrigerated transportation of such products or goods such as pharmaceutical vaccines, in which case, choosing cold chain transportation can maximize your cost savings. The cold chain is essential for improving global food safety, providing better nutrition through the cold chain, and food, blood products and pharmaceuticals are items that require greater accuracy during transportation because of their perishability, shelf life, different storage requirements and the complexity of the distance they are transported.

2: what are the advantages?


2.1: It can effectively extend the life of use

Not many people are familiar with the cold chain solution, but if you are in any type of business dealing with perishable items, then this is the ideal choice for you. Cold chain transport can be used to store items that need to be left in a cool environment and have a short shelf life. By using refrigerated transport, you can prevent spoilage and decay of the items that need to be transported.


2.2: Reduce operating costs

Cold chain systems bring transparency to cold chain transportation logistics, reducing the reliance on labor to oversee the transport of perishable goods. In addition, theft of environmentally sensitive products, misplaced goods, improper packaging, storage and spoilage are reduced, further reducing overhead and operating costs.


2.3: Temperature control

The products we transport during the delivery process, such as food shipments, beverages, pharmaceutical vaccines, etc., also need to be kept at a certain temperature from the initial location to the destination. If you are transporting flowers, you may not want them to be frozen during the transportation process. On the other hand, foods such as milk or vegetables cannot be kept too cold as this can damage the product. So this is when the importance of cold chain transportation is highlighted, and cold chain units can meet your unique needs for refrigeration and insulation.


3: Applications


The cold chain supply chain is an important part of the food and pharmaceutical industries because it helps ensure the safety and quality of perishable goods. In the food industry, the cold chain supply chain is used to transport and store products such as meat, seafood, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. In the pharmaceutical industry, the system is used to transport and store products such as vaccines and blood products.


4: Advantages of Cold Chain Logistics

(4.1) Reduce spoilage and waste

(4.2) Improve product quality

(4.3) Increase profitability

(4.4) Ensure fresh, high quality products for consumers

(4.5) Reduce food miles

(4.6) Extend shelf life of perishable goods

(4.7) Reduce disease transmission


Cold chain logistics has many benefits for both enterprises and consumers. For businesses, cold chain logistics can help reduce spoilage and waste, and improve product quality. This can save costs and increase profits. For consumers, cold supply chain logistics helps ensure they receive fresh, high-quality products.

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