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The Application of Battery Powered Air Conditioner: Convert A Pickup Truck Into A Small RV

DATE: 2022-03-09
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Eclima-2200 is a battery-powered air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 2200W/7480BTU Cooling solutions. Voltage has DC 12V and DC 24V. DC 24V model also has the heating function(PTC or Heat pump), it can be also used in Pickup trucks converted to small RV vehicles. Recently, we have received feedback from our customers, now let us learn more details of it.

The overall golden appearance looks very beautiful, right? Our air conditioner has white in color. You can also spray it with your favorite color according to the color of the vehicle to make the overall look more harmonious.

Eclima-2200’s cooling capacity is enough for a pickup truck’s cab, you can feel the cooling air when you are camping or adventure. Installation is also very easy, cut a hole of the roof, size is 38*26cm, and connect with the power line with battery bank, the AC can start.



Below is the detailed data of the Eclima-2200.

Model E-Clima 2200
Voltage 12V/24V
Cooling capacity 2200W/ 7600BTU
Power 600W – 860W


Model Rotary Compressor
Displacement 18cc/r
Rotate Speed 1500 – 4500rpm
Evaporator blower air vol. 650m3/h
Condenser fan air vol. 1050m3/h
Refrigerant/Volume R134a/330g
Dimensions 700*580*263mm
Cut off Size 32kg
Weight 32kg
Vehicle Applications All trucks, construction machinery, tractors, etc.


Below let’s see more photos of pickup trucks with our Eclima-2200 Air conditioner


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