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E-Clima4000 12v/24v DC Parking Air Conditioner

Installation:Roof top mounted
Cooling Capacity:4000W
Evaporator Air Flow:650m³/h
Condenser Air Flow:1050m³/h
Size (mm):700*580*263
Application:All kinds of truck cabs, off road truck cabs, heavy duty truck cabs…

Product Introduction

Popular appearance of E-Clima4000 model get our more customers like, with 4000W cooling capacity, rooftop mounted and for all kinds of commercial vehicles cabs.  To keep the cabs cooling when the engine is off. Suitable for all kinds of vans and trucks space.

Eclima4000 is the best overhead truck air conditioner in the market in China, which  is very suitable for supply to car manufacturers and vehicle dealers.

The engineering machinery cockpit has low power consumption, high energy efficiency, reliable quality, ultra-light weight and very small size.

Features of E-Clima4000 12 Volt  Air Conditioner:

Ø 4KW cooling capacity

Ø DC powered 12v or 24v truck voltage for choice.

Ø No noise, give truck drivers a quiet and pleasant sleeping time at night.

Ø Fresh air system, make the air fresh and improve working environment.

Ø Easy to install, designed to suitable for all kinds of truck appearance.

Ø Battery powered, easy to recharge, no fuel consumption, decrease transport cost.

Ø Professional and friendly service with 7*24h online help.

Models E-Clima4000
Voltage DC12V/24V
Installation Roof top mounted
Cooling Capacity 4000W
Refrigerant R134a
Evaporator Air Flow 650m³/h
Condenser Air Flow 1050m³/h
Size (mm) 700*580*263
Weight 32KG
Application All kinds of truck cabs, off road truck cabs, heavy duty truck cabs…

 Installation of E-Clima4000 12 Volt  Air Conditioner:


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