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Intelligent Portable Tent Air Conditioner—KC650

Climatic Class: T/ST/N/SN
Cooling △T: 3°C to 42°C
Temperature Range: 16°C to 30°C
Cooling Capacity: 2350Btu
Power supply: DC 24V/ AC 100-220V
Rated Current DC: 10A
Rated Power Input: 250W
Sound Noise Level: <55dB

Product Introduction

Kingclima KC650 is an intelligent portable tent air conditioner, working voltage is DC 24V/AC 220V, can be used in various applications like tent, RV dorm and other areas around 50 square feet space, which will offer you a cool time in hot summer.



KC650 Specification
Basic Data
Type DC+Adaptor
Climatic Class T/ST/N/SN
Cooling △T °C 3°C to 42°C
Temperature Range °C 16°C to 30°C
Cooling Capacity Btu 2350
Power supply V DC 24V/ AC 100-220V
Rated Current DC A 10A
Rated Power Input W 250
Sound Noise Level dB <55
Refrigerating System
Compressor Brand Panasonic
Refrigerant Type R134a
Net Weight kg 9.5
Gross Weight kg 12
Product Dimension(L*W*H) mm 540*223*298
Carton Dimension(L*W*H) mm 735*315*385
Loading QTY (20/40/40HQ) pcs 348/714/833
Optional Accessories
Insulated cover bags



1. Built-in high-efficiency miniature inverter air conditioner Panasonic compressor and compact fan system, can cool air temperature by 18℃ rapidly.
2. Lightweight design, portable mobile. One hand can be lifted easily, along with you anytime and anywhere.
3. Powered by 24v DC and AC 110V-220V.
4. Adopt an air duct profile design to reduce airflow turbulence, which makes airflow smooth, low noise inside and outside the fuselage.
5. Pressing key is visible, blue light hints selected function,
6. these features make operation more simple. Including sleep mode and power mode. And designed with 3 fan speeds modes can meet your different needs.


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