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Eclima 3000 DC 12V/24V Electric Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity:3000W/10350BTU
Heating Capacity:2000W/6900BTU
Rated Current:60A/39.5A
Compressor:Electric rotor compressor
Evaporator blower air vol.:700m³/h
Condenser fan air vol.:1400m³/h
Refrigerant charging weight:540g
Installation:Roof top
Vehicle application:All trucks,construction machinery,tractor etc.

Product Introduction


Model Eclima3000
Cooling Capacity 3000W/10350BTU
Heating Capacity 2000W/6900BTU
Voltage 12V/24V
Rated Current 60A/39.5A
Power 940W
Compressor Electric rotor compressor
Evaporator blower air vol. 700m³/h
Condenser fan air vol. 1400m³/h
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant charging weight 540g
Dimensions 885*710*290mm
Weight 35kg
Installation Roof top
Vehicle application All trucks,construction machinery,tractor etc.

1.Driven by DC12V/24V battery
2.Can use when the vehicle parking
3.Roof top mounted
4.Brush-less fans,long lifetime,low power consumption
5.Remote control,combined with manual environmentally friendly R134a refrigeration system
6.Optional heat pump heating

Eclima 3000 Drawing:

Installation Pictures:

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