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Low Profile Rooftop Air Conditioner- Ucooler 3300Pro

Ucooler-3300Pro Low Profile RV Air Conditioner save you space inside by fitting on to your roof. And it has sleek shaping and styling further reduce drag and wind resistance for a smoother ride.
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Model : Ucooler-3300Pro
Electrical Rating : 220V AC/50Hz/1Ph
Cooling capacity(W) : 12000BTU (3300W)
Rated Heating Capacity (HP) : 12500BTU (3500W)
Noise Level (L/M/H), indoor : 46/49/52 dB(A)
Noise Level (L/M/H), outdoor : 49/52/55 dB(A)

Product Introduction


  1. low-profile & modish design, super quiet.
  2. low vibration & powerful cooling/heating capacity.
  3. More comfortable, low consumed power, easy and smart control.
  4. PP plastic injection, high strength metal.
  5. Passing vibration test at 1.6G
  6. Inside and outside double fan closed operation, more stable, lower noise.
  7. Remote Controller and Wifi (Mobile Phone App) control, multi-control of A/C and the separate Stove.
  8. More humanized functions like household air conditioners, Cooling, Dehumidification, Heat Pump, Fan, Automatic, Timer On/off, Ceiling Atmosphere Lamp (Multicolor LED strip) optional, etc.


Specification: (220V AC/50Hz/1Ph)

Model Ucooler-3300 Pro
Cooling capacity(W) 12000BTU (3300W)
Rated heating capacity (HP) 12500BTU (3500W)
Electrical rating 220V AC/50Hz/1Ph
Power consumption (C/H) 1300W / 1060W
Current (C/H) 5.9A / 4.9A
EER/COP 2.54/3.30
Compressor locked rotor current 28A
Air volume (high speed) 480 m3/h
Noise Level (L/M/H), indoor 46/49/52 dB(A)
Noise Level (L/M/H), outdoor 49/52/55 dB(A)
Refrigerant(R410a)(gr.) R410a (740g)
Net Dimensions (Rooftop A/C) W736 x H253 x L1056 (mm)
Net Dimensions (Indoor Panel) W540 x D72x L490 (mm)
Ceiling opening dimensions 400x400mm, or 362*362mm optional
Weight(net/gross)(kgs) 42/45


Indoor Control Panel-1

(LED Control pannel,Remote Controller and Wifi (Mobile Phone App) control.)


Indoor Control Panel-2

(electronic panel, AIR DISTRIBUTION BOX(Duct type、QUICK COOL function))


Basic specification:

  1. Wall-mounted electronic control;
  2. It can be controlled by the full system), heat pump, electric heating, gas stove;
  3. It can be equipped with or without an air duct
  4. Quick cooling function: When you first enter the car, you can open the straight air outlets on three sides to get air-conditioning immediately;
  1. The filter is easy to remove and wash;
  2. The streamlined shape design can be coordinated with different interior ceiling designs.



Indoor Control Panel-3 (Mechanical panel, AIR DISTRIBUTION BOX(Non-Duct type))



Basic Information:

  1. Three levels of ventilation, three levels of cooling, and one level of heating;
  2. Temperature controllable (except heating);
  3. Airflow at both ends, uniform air supply; adjustable wind direction;
  4. The filter is easy to remove and wash;
  5. Color: porcelain white
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