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air conditioner options for bus

DATE: 2022-09-16
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  KingClima co.,ltd started its R&D on E A/C since 2009 by using Copeland, Sanyo, Hitachi inverter compressors, and frame was made of steel. Since 2010, 1st generation was put into market.


  Smart customer-oriented solutions and top quality are our top priorities, and decades of production and manufacturing experience give customers the assurance of reliability with bus air conditioners.


  Typically, bus air conditioner units can be widely used in small buses, 7-12m city buses, 7-13m coaches, 8.5m to 12.9m mid to high end conventional buses, coaches, school buses, etc. Bus air conditioners are usually installed on top of the bus.



  Kingclima brand’s bus air conditioners are always attentive to your needs.


(1) To provide a comfortable indoor environment, keeping HVAC in the enclosed space of a bus ensures proper air circulation on board.


(2) Keeping the air conditioning on keeps the surroundings dry. In warm, humid interiors that tend to promote bacterial growth and contribute to stronger odors, turning on the air conditioning prevents moisture from accumulating inside public transportation and combats a variety of bacteria and odors.


(3) In order to meet the demanding requirements of comfort and high reliability for bus air conditioning applications, the air conditioning system is designed with good cooling capacity and incorporates anti-vibration components for good performance in use.


(4) The reliable and energy-saving air conditioning system provides solutions to ensure a comfortable journey for passengers while saving energy.


  Advantages of bus air conditioner:


1. Expansion valve for efficient cooling at the desired temperature.


2. Filter drier, sight glass, shut-off valve for reliable system protection and easy maintenance.


3. Pressure switch for optimal compressor and fan control.


4. DC compressors for energy efficiency, transport stability, low noise and compactness.


For more details about bus air conditioners, please contact kingclima team.


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