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FAQ Of Parking Air Conditioner

DATE: 2022-03-08
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Recently, Kingclima have often received different questions from riders in the message area of Kingclima’s official website. In this issue, we will answer a few questions that everyone is more concerned about and asks more questions.

Fault code Faults Corresponding measures
E1 The power voltage is lower than 20V,air conditioner stopped Inspect whether the voltage of battery is too low,or if the power supply line is suitable.
E2 The power voltage is higher than 32V,air conditioner stopped Pls  check if the supply power is too high,and supply correct power (24-28V) to the air conditioner.
E3 The compressor is in abnormal operation,air conditioner stopped. Inspect whether the compressor is lost phrase or short circuit and whether the refrigerant is leaked,or supply voltage is too low.

Q: Why is it recommended to choose a parking air conditioner when the original car air conditioner already exists?
A: Parking air conditioners are also called electric air conditioners. As the name suggests, it is a device that uses the power supply of the vehicle. First of all, let us put aside its contribution to environmental protection in terms of reducing carbon emissions. It directly brings us an economic advantage. And calculated from vehicle idle wear and carbon deposit maintenance.

Q: There are many advantages of parking air conditioners, but is there no disadvantage?
A:All products are double-sided, because the energy of the parking air conditioner is supported by the battery, so the battery life is closely related to the capacity and performance of the battery itself, and a qualified parking air conditioner can cooperate with it. Energy saving, and how to reduce the impact of starting current on the battery.

Q: Any suggestions on the brand selection of parking air conditioners?
A: As an early manufacturer and exporter of parking air conditioners in China, KINGCLIMA has been adhering to the spirit of “excellence, striving for perfection” to manufacture products and provide them to the market, but the market is not only a brand of Kingclima, as a member of the professional parking air conditioner field, we have been It is expected that healthy market competition can promote the continuous development of the parking air conditioner market. It is an honor for customers to have a variety of brand choices. Here we recommends choosing your own suitable products, products with good reputation from big brands, and products with guaranteed after-sales.

Q: How long does the parking air conditioner last?
A: The continuous use time of the parking air conditioner first depends on the capacity of the battery, but how to reduce energy consumption without losing cooling capacity is the original intention of each manufacturer. KME has a professional development team, every product update, system optimization All to ensure a more durable use of each user

Q: How to quickly solve product failures?
A: KINGCLIMA products have been designed with this in mind. When all faults occur, the corresponding fault code will be displayed on the control panel, which is convenient for maintenance engineers to quickly determine the cause of the fault. Users can report faults through the after-sales team. Some simple faults , the technical consultant can tell how to solve it by phone. If a more complicated fault code appears, our after-sales team will follow up in time, and actively solve the fault for each customer as soon as possible.

Q: What voltages are available for kingclima brand parking air conditioners?
A: As a professional manufacturer of parking air conditioners, our products must adapt to the diversified choices of the market. At present, the products that have been provided in the market are available in DC 12V/DC 24V/DC 48V.

Q: How to ensure that the power consumption is not excessive and does not affect the use of other equipment in the vehicle?
A: KINGCLIMA products can set a warning voltage within a certain range according to the user’s own needs. When the voltage reaches the set value, it will automatically alarm and shut down to ensure the normal use of other electrical appliances.

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