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FAQ of parking electric air conditioner

DATE: 2022-08-08
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Parking A/C means the air conditioner still able to cooling when vehicle engine is off, also called battery driven air conditioner and electric air conditioner.As the name suggests, it is a device that uses the power supply of the vehicle. First of all, let us put aside its contribution to environmental protection in terms of reducing carbon emissions. It directly brings us an economic advantage. And calculated from vehicle idle wear and carbon deposit maintenance.


Normally it is designed for clients who want to use air conditioner when their vehicle parked in stationary. It can be applied widely on van,truck cabin, trailer, farming machine, construction machine, caravan, etc.


So for some common problems in the use of air conditioners, do you know how to deal with them?please check the FAQ of electric air conditiner under the below,and it will help you to find the answer.


Q: There are many advantages of parking air conditioners, but is there no disadvantage?


A:All products are double-sided, because the energy of the parking air conditioner is supported by the battery, so the battery life is closely related to the capacity and performance of the battery itself, and a qualified parking air conditioner can cooperate with it. Energy saving, and how to reduce the impact of starting current on the battery.


Q: Any suggestions on the brand selection of parking air conditioners?


A: As an early manufacturer and exporter of parking air conditioners in China, KINGCLIMA has been adhering to the spirit of “excellence, striving for perfection” to manufacture products and provide them to the market, but the market is not only a brand of Kingclima, as a member of the professional parking air conditioner field, we have been It is expected that healthy market competition can promote the continuous development of the parking air conditioner market. It is an honor for customers to have a variety of brand choices. Here we recommends choosing your own suitable products, products with good reputation from big brands, and products with guaranteed after-sales.


Q: How to quickly solve product failures?


A: KINGCLIMA products have been designed with this in mind. When all faults occur, the corresponding fault code will be displayed on the control panel, which is convenient for maintenance engineers to quickly determine the cause of the fault. Users can report faults through the after-sales team. Some simple faults , the technical consultant can tell how to solve it by phone. If a more complicated fault code appears, our after-sales team will follow up in time, and actively solve the fault for each customer as soon as possible.


Q: How to ensure that the power consumption is not excessive and does not affect the use of other equipment in the vehicle?


A: KINGCLIMA air conditioner products can set a warning voltage within a certain range according to the user’s own needs. When the voltage reaches the set value, it will automatically alarm and shut down to ensure the normal use of other electrical appliances.


Q: What is Parking Air Conditioner use?


A: It is drived by vehcilers battery bank, for example, usually the parking air conditioners are used for retrofit factories. Such as with our electric battery powered ac make the camper van retrofit, this is one of popular way that our customers use.


Q: How many hours do the Parking Air Conditioners working?


A: it depends on your vehicle battery. Our parking ac is variable frequency air conditioner, it will adjust according to ambient temperature. So is is low electric consume. Besides that, with our customers feedback, it is enough for them to relax in truck for 4 hours. If want more longer time, we recommend to add an external battery.


KINGCLIMA has a professional development team, every product update, system optimization All to ensure a more durable use of each user.


Q: Will the Parking Air Conditioners working when truck engine is on?


A: Yes, of course. The parking ac not only work when engine is off, but also work when engine is on. So if your truck or vehicles don’t have a OEM ac, and you can add our aftermarket ac and turn on in anytime.


Q: Can I Install Parking Air Conditioners by myself?


A: yes, of course, if you have the strong DIY ability, it is easy to install. But to be safe, please find the local installers for help.Kingclima will provide instruction and video guidance when you receive it.


Q: What kind of parking air conditioners that are suitable for my vehicles?


A: There are two commonly seen parking ac mount type in the market: split back wall mounted and roof top mounted. So just send your vehicles photo and your detailed requirement, let our professional sales team help to find a suitable ac model.


Q: Do you have a distributor in my local areas?


A: To be honest, we just have some of distributors in Morocco, Serbia… you can feel free to ask us for this information. If it doesn’t have a distributor in you local areas, and if you are the end-users, you can buy our products directly from us. If you want to be our distributors, you can find the contact info on our official site.


Q: Can we visit your factory?


A: We warmly welcome your visit. You could visit our workshops, check our production lines and test the parts and components of A/C or Refrigeration Units before mass production.Now during the covid-19 issues. We can also support Remote video factory audit.


Q: What is the lead time?


A: If your order is less than 20 sets, the lead time shall be 7-10 working days. If your order is more than 20 sets, the lead time will be prolonged accordingly.


Components of the air conditioner:


(1) Including condenser, evaporator, electric control system, compressor, fan, piping system, etc.


(2) The refrigeration system adopts safe and environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant, and the parking air conditioner is an energy-saving electric air conditioner.


Advantage Showcase:


(1) The parking air conditioner does not need to rely on the power of the car engine, which can save fuel and reduce environmental pollution.


(2) The parking air conditioning is specially designed to cool down the cab, which can provide a comfortable rest environment for the driver of the vehicle.


Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance:


1. During maintenance, be sure to unplug the power supply from the outlet before disassembling the equipment. Operating the equipment with the power on may result in electric shock. Do not remove any live parts of the equipment if the power must be turned on to perform maintenance or test circuits.


2. If refrigerant gas is expelled during service, do not touch the expelled refrigerant gas. Refrigerant gas can cause frostbite. 


3. When removing the suction or discharge pipe of the compressor in the welding area, completely discharge the refrigerant gas in a well-ventilated area first. If refrigerant gas remains in the compressor, when the pipe is removed, refrigerant gas or refrigeration oil will be discharged, causing injury.


4. If there is refrigerant gas leakage during the service process, the workplace should be ventilated. When refrigerant gas meets a spark, toxic gas will be produced.




If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you can refer to the frequently asked questions above, and we hope the answers we provide will help you better understand selecting, operating, and maintaining a ductless system for maximum energy efficiency.


Last but not the least:


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