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How do I purchase a refrigeration unit?

DATE: 2022-08-05
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Refrigeration unit purchase has always been the concern of many people, as our country’s cold chain market continues to improve, the industry’s customers for refrigeration unit demand has become constantly expanding, refrigeration system as a very important part of the cold chain market, so for the purchase of refrigeration units, what factors should be considered?



[1]: the size of the refrigerated vehicle compartment.

Usually, more than six meters of refrigerated vehicles must choose independent refrigeration unit, six meters below the refrigerated car box, you can choose a non-independent refrigeration unit.


[2]: the prodcuct type of transportation, plus the temperature range.


As we all know about that, because the refrigeration unit has different series and and temperature control range, so refrigeration system used in van, truck, trailer on the time, the model used will be different, different models of refrigeration unit in the price, performance, quality are certain types of differences,and customers can choose according to their needs,when buying it.


[3]: the purchasing power of the refrigeration unit


Generally when we purhase, may be more inclined to the brand effect, in the refrigeration unit industry, Carrier and Thermoking’s brand as the cold chain industry leader, known by most customers from the around the world,but among the group of customers with low acceptance,higher purchasing power prices are a hard question,the more favorable price is the first core element of the purchase for them, kingclima brand as one of the domestic refrigeration unit leader in China, with years of experience in production and sales experiencement, has won wide praise from customers, coupled with six refrigeration unit production lines and competitive factory prices, we believe that kingclima refrigeration unit will be your first choice, and we are look forward to working with customers in different countries in the future.



[4]: envitronmental impact


With the gradual attention to the concept of “environmental protection”, for the environment-friendly refrigeration unit products are more popular, in the use of the process, first, noise and vibration to meet the requirements of the surrounding environment; second, the refrigerant to the ozone layer of the atmosphere and the size of the greenhouse effect.


According to the customer’s points of refrigeration units:


(1) kingclima chooses the environmental protection refrigerant R404A in the production.


(2) Using vehicle battery DC12V, DC24V, 48V, 60V, 72V.


(3) DC electric compressor, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.


refrigeration system price


Best vehicle type refrigeration unit price from china:


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kingclima distributor policy:


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