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How does a truck air conditioning system work?

DATE: 2022-03-09
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With summer soon approaching, turning on the air conditioner when you get in the car will become the norm. If the air conditioner fails and cannot be used, the hot temperature will seriously affect the driving safety of the driver.

If you can understand the structure and principle of the air-conditioning system, it will help to quickly determine the cause of the air-conditioning failure, speed up the progress of solving the failure, and at the same time prevent the air-conditioning maintenance personnel from charging arbitrarily.

The commercial vehicle air-conditioning system is actually a relatively independent system. It is not highly related to other vehicle systems. Therefore, even if a fault occurs, it will be relatively simple to troubleshoot the cause of the fault. Card friends with strong hands-on ability and learning ability are recommended to save it.

Air conditioning adjustment structure

Commercial vehicle air conditioners mainly have three major components, compressor, condenser, evaporator, and other auxiliary components, including expansion valve, liquid storage dryer, pipeline, condensing fan, blower, temperature sensor, etc.

Main components

1.The compressor is driven by the engine through the belt, and its function is to inhale the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor, compress it to the required pressure, and send it to the condenser, which is the power source of the entire air-conditioning refrigerant cycle. The higher the engine speed, the faster the refrigerant cycle and the greater the cooling power.

2.The function of the condenser is to transfer the heat of the high temperature and high pressure gaseous refrigerant to the outside air to condense the refrigerant into a liquid.
The condensation effect of the condenser on the refrigerant directly determines the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. There are generally three ways to improve the condensation effect: 1. Increase the flow of air through the condenser; 2. Reduce the temperature of the air passing through the condenser; 3. Keep the surface of the condenser clean and free of contamination.

3.The evaporator is usually arranged in the cab, and its function is to absorb heat from the cab, so that the liquid refrigerant is vaporized into gas.

4.The main function of the liquid receiver dryer in the air conditioning system is to filter, dry, dehumidify and store the excess refrigerant.

How refrigeration works
When the compressor is running, the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant vapor generated in the evaporator is inhaled and compressed, and then discharged into the condenser under high temperature and high pressure. dryer.

After removing water and impurities, the pure refrigerant is throttled, cooled and depressurized through the expansion valve, the low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator to absorb heat and cool, and blow cold air into the cab through the blower, so that the temperature in the cab is lowered and gaseous cooling is achieved. After passing through the evaporator, the agent is sucked by the compressor again, and this cycle transfers the heat
from the cab to the outside world.

The core principle of air-conditioning refrigeration is that the refrigerant liquefies and releases heat in the condenser, and vaporizes and absorbs heat in the evaporator.

The above is the simple structure of the important components of the air-conditioning system and the principle of refrigeration. Only when you understand the structure and principle of the air-conditioning system can you better judge the cause of the air-conditioning failure.

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