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how to effectively choose a portble air conditioner?

DATE: 2022-08-08
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Whenever summer comes, for outdoor workers, the sweltering environment will make them feel unbearable heat, because after a long time of work, it will aggravate the feeling of fatigue. If you want to rest in the space you are in, install the air conditioner are are essential,people mostly have a positive bond with summer.However, with it comes the heat, so portable air conditioners came into being in response to this situation.

Portable ac unit are an excellent cooling solution. The convenience and light weight as well as the performance of large cooling capacity have gradually become the first choice of many customers, and the application scenarios are also more extensive.


In the scope of electric air conditioner use,can work for RVs, camping, tents, vans, boats, but also for some outdoor makeshift rooms, don’t feel overly sensitive if you find the heat unpleasant and want to find a cooling solution-cool off when it’s hot outside Important for your health!


When you’re using this ac units,, the temperature and humidity are adjusted and controlled at the same time, and the ambient air parameters around the vicinity are adjusted and balanced, so as to fully meet the cooling needs of the user for the current comfort level.


If you want to buy a Portable Air Conditioner, the KC700 type of the kingclima air conditioner series, as a representative of portable air conditioners, would be your first choice.




(1) It is a tent-type refrigeration air conditioner, with a weight of only 10.5kg, small design volume, easy to carry by a single person, and low noise.


(2) It has a streamlined shape and is beautiful and generous.


(3) No need to punch holes, easy to use.


(4) It saves space and can quickly cool the surrounding environment.


(5) Save fuel and money, no pollution, no emissions, very friendly to the environment.


(6) DC 12V/24V and AC 220V voltage are available.


Whether you are working or hanging out,camping outdoors, with this portable ac, you will have a more comfortable outdoor experience time.


Choose kingclima brand AC, choose your life style!


KC700 Portable Air Conditioner is equipped with a micro compressor and compact high-efficiency fan system capable of delivering a respectable 700W/2390BTU. Fast cooling in 15 seconds and no need for waiting too long. It can bring down the temperature from 90°F to 72°F in a closed tent of 50 sq. ft.


Popular performance Portable ac units for sale


(1) Genuine AC mode, 3-speed fan, energy-saving Sleep mode, and energy-consuming Super Cold mode.


(2) The exhaust is dual hose. That means it pulls in fresh air and exhausts hot, humid air through separate hoses. That makes it more efficient than single-hose portable air conditioner models.


(3 )The hose can be retractable or rotated 360 degrees.


(4) Low frequency motor effectively reduces unnecessary noise. Quiet enough for a baby to sleep.


(5) Now we have white and yellow color in stock, if you need it in large quantity, we can custom-made other colors and functions.

     Support customized service!


Why consider a portable AC unit?


Portable air conditioners are not only a wise choice for those who do not have air conditioning equipment, they are also a good way to save money and reduce energy consumption, with the gradual popularization of new energy concepts, portable electric air conditioners will become a new trend in the near future.


Whatever reason you have for starting to consider a portable air conditioner, it’s important that you find the right portable AC for your space before making a purchase.


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