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How to effectively improve transportation efficiency through refrigerated units?

DATE: 2022-11-03
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Refrigerated truck is based on the vehicle chassis installed refrigerated insulation box, plus refrigeration units, to achieve refrigerated frozen transport vehicles, mainly for the purpose of keeping food and medicine refrigerated in the transport process, including the daily needs of frozen meat, seafood to be preserved, dairy products and other goods transport, for the epidemic under the need for refrigerated transport distribution of users, is the best choice of program, can also be effective for Life provides more convenience.


1. The structure of the refrigerated truck:


Mainly includes a thermal insulation box, ventilation tank, and the core part of the refrigeration unit, refrigeration units into independent units and non-independent units, and you know what?the correct choice of refrigeration unit can effectively improve economic efficiency.


2. Refrigeration unit classification:


Independent units use a separate diesel engine as power. If the refrigerator truck is off or engine failure, it can also work normally refrigeration. Various accidents can happen in long-distance transportation, so the independent unit is suitable for long-distance cold chain transportation, and the independent engine can ensure the effect of freezing the goods.


The non-independent unit uses the same engine as the refrigerated truck, and its structure is simple, so there are fewer breakdowns and cheaper maintenance. But when the engine fails, it cannot work independently. So the non-independent unit is suitable for short-distance transportation, because the probability of engine failure is smaller at short distances, and it can also save transportation costs at the same time.


3. Tips on the use of refrigeration units:


(1) Refrigeration units are used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods.


(2) Refrigerated truck refrigeration unit is not to reduce the temperature of the goods, but to maintain the temperature of the goods, so when the outside source of heat and cold through radiation, conduction, convection to the compartment, the refrigeration unit blows out the cold air away, isolating the heat source into the goods.


(3) Small refrigerated vehicle loading, must be pre-cooling or pre-heating of the compartment, in loading and unloading, please remember to close the refrigeration unit.


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