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How to use trailer reefer units for effective refrigeration?

DATE: 2022-11-29
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Refrigerated mobile coolers can really expand your opportunities and business. Installing a refrigerated unit on your trailer becomes an affordable option with a mobile cooler from kingclima!


What Is A Refrigerated Freezer Trailers?


Refrigerated trailers have a refrigerated unit at the front. This can cool or freeze loads depending on the right temperature and can help transport temperature sensitive goods over long distances. The purpose of using it is to maintain precise temperatures so that the load remains fresh or frozen upon arrival. In several parts of the world, changing lifestyles and economic growth are indirectly benefiting the global market with the use of refrigerated trailers, as well as rising suburbanization and a rising middle class population is leading to an increasing acceptance of ready-to-eat foods that do not require any preparation.


Refrigerated trailer components that help keep food fresh


Most familiar refrigerated trailers are 53 feet long, but there are newer refrigerated trailer bodies available in smaller sizes, but don’t worry, kingclima can recommend the right unit for your trailer to protect your refrigerated transport business.


How does a reefer trailer work?


Let’s understand the refrigeration unit, its cooling cycle and working principle.

Compressor: A more sophisticated small engine is used to drive the compressor in the reefer unit. We use 115 volts of electricity to allow the compressor to draw in gaseous refrigerant, which is then compressed. After that, the pressure dissolves the gas produced by the compression. This distributes heat to the body of the compressor and then to the air itself. After that, the temperature will still be quite high and the refrigerant will go to the condenser.

Condenser: receives the dissolved fluid from the compressor. After that, the heat exchange process starts. The heat of the fluid flows to the tube walls and then to the outside of the connected fins.

Evaporator: is placed inside the refrigerated trailer. Now the refrigerant has handed over the most heat to the condenser and becomes a very cool fluid. After that, it enters the evaporator through the metering valve. It controls the amount of cooling. Inside this evaporator, the refrigerant expands again and turns into a gas. It then absorbs a lot of heat from the nearby fin coils during the whole process.

The final internal air is blown through this evaporator. The air is then returned to the compressor and the cycle repeats itself.


Why do people use reefer trailers?


Reefer trailers are critical for long distance transportation of temperature sensitive and perishable goods. Fresh produce and frozen meats are the most common examples.

Companies use refrigerated units to maintain temperatures. This means they can set the reefer unit to a precise temperature setting and maintain the temperature of the product, but without fundamentally changing the temperature of the product. This helps to keep the product intact until it reaches the customer and also ensures that the food stays fresh throughout the shipping process. This is why people prefer to use reefer trailers nowadays.


Benefits of the reefer trailers:


(1) Freight products will always be the most in demand and reefer trucking allows trailers to safely haul and transport these items nationwide.

(2) You can use the reefer trailers to transport several items as well as food items that require temperature control. Pharmaceuticals, personal care products and plants are some of the other commonly transported items that rely on refrigerated trucking.

(3) Product safety and shelf life are seen as the biggest advantages of refrigerated transport.

(4) Damage, damage and changing weather conditions can be prevented.

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