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Kingclima AC solutions for semi trucks

DATE: 2022-11-10
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Choose kingclima, choose your comfortable driving style of the vehicle and let the driver enjoy the ideal temperature in the sleeping compartment to get enough power.


kingclima air conditioner is a reliable brand of air conditioners, which can be used for various types of vehicles, if you want to find, get and buy high quality battery air conditioners with good cooling performance and low prices, please contact us! As one of the national truck air conditioner distributors, kingclima team can provide you the most professional air conditioner customization service according to your model.


1. How does the AC of semi-truck work?


The A/C condenser works together with the A/C compressor to act as a heat exchanger for the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Once the refrigerant is pressurized and heated in the compressor, the refrigerant flows through the A/C condenser in a parallel flow system. The refrigerant is then cooled by road wind at high speeds, or by a cooling fan or fan clutch at low or idle speeds.


The split system air conditioner is specially designed for truck sleeper compartment and is the best rear electric air conditioner for trucks, powered by 12v or 24v DC, experience up to 12 hours running time, low noise level and low vibration when parked. With this air conditioner, you can enjoy long and uninterrupted breaks in your cab.


2. Users of AC electric air conditioners for semi-truck:


(1) Looking for a compact 12V DC rear mounted air conditioning unit for their truck;
(2) Interested in installing a 12 volt air conditioner in the rear of the truck bed;
(3) looking for a battery-powered unit capable of running with the engine off with a separate 12 V/24 V battery;
(4) is looking for an energy-saving electric air conditioning system that can remain overnight in a truck;
(5) Interested in cost-effective 12 V DC AC cooling systems for semi-trailers;
(6) Looking for the best truck air conditioner at factory price.

3. Application:

semi truck AC1

semi truck AC2

4. Advantages of semi-truck AC:

(1) 100% powered by 12V/24 battery, cool when the engine is on or off.

(2) Adopt DC electric compressor, which has strong cooling power and reliable working performance.10000 BTU refrigeration meets JIS standard.

(4) Soft start, no flash current, safe and stable.

(5) Double battery protection, no damage to battery.

(6) Split installation, no roof drilling, suitable for most truck cabs, beautiful appearance.

(7) Easy to install, save fuel, strong environmental protection, and reduce transportation cost.

(8) No engine noise, bringing drivers a pleasant work or sleep.

semi truck AC

5.Install AC for semi-truck

As a professional semi-truck air conditioner supplier in China, we can supply different kinds of air conditioners and accept wholesale orders. If you are interested in our vehicle AC products, please contact us as soon as possible.

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