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Kingclima bus air conditioner supplier

DATE: 2022-07-29
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As a bus air conditioner supplier, kingclima collaborates with hvac manufacturers all over the world to develop individual air conditioning concepts for all bus types – including electric bus air conditioners and generator bus air conditioners. As a bus air conditioner supplier, kingclima insists on putting customers’ needs first, but providing solutions and high-quality air conditioning products are our top priorities. Years of air-conditioning production experience and close collaboration with global manufacturers ensure bus air-conditioning reliability.

kingclima brand- quality solutions for your BUS HVAC




Definition: Bus Air Conditioning is the cooling, dehumidification, and filtration of the air within your vehicle’s passenger compartment.




(1) The bus air conditioner system consists primarily of a condenser, an evaporator, a compressor, an electromagnetic clutch, an alternator, a fresh air device, a blower, a fan, a return air grille, a control panel, a piping system, and an electronic control system.


(2) Inside the evaporator are the accumulator, filter, sight glass, shut-off valve, expansion valve, and fresh air device.


(3) The compressor is mounted on the engine’s side, and the climate control panel for the passenger car air conditioning system has its own starting system and is located next to the instrument panel.


(4) The condenser fan draws air into the condenser coil to aid in heat dissipation.


(5) The bus air conditioner installed on the roof’s evaporator surgery uses an environmentally friendly material with higher strength, which can effectively protect the air conditioner components while maintaining good thermal insulation performance.


(1) When the driver presses the switch button on the air conditioning control panel in the bus, the compressor is driven by the electromagnetic clutch via the belt connected to the engine’s driven pulley, and then the compressor is connected via the internal electrical system. The refrigerant is circulated by the hose system.


(2) In terms of refrigerant, the R134a refrigerant, along with the heat from the passenger compartment, is pumped by the compressor to the high temperature and high pressure gas, and enters the condenser coil through the condenser coil. When the refrigerant temperature exceeds the outside temperature, the condenser fan cools the condenser coil and removes a large amount of heat energy, in which the refrigerant exists as a hot gas.


(3) The refrigerant undergoes a liquefaction and exothermic reaction, transforming the high-temperature, high-pressure gas into a low-temperature, low-pressure liquid, which then passes through the liquid accumulator and shut-off valve to complete the filter dryer and flows into the evaporator via the expansion valve. The expansion valve gasifies, and the gaseous refrigerant is absorbed by the compressor, which continues to compress the refrigerant and the refrigeration cycle is repeated.

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