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Kingclima Parking Air Conditioner Tips: Is your air conditioner deficient in fluoride?

DATE: 2022-03-08
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The frequency of use of air conditioners increases in summer, which will be directly related to the performance of air conditioners. The performance of a refrigeration equipment is the most direct concern of every user. In addition to the failure of equipment hardware itself, the most common factor affecting the use effect is is the lack of refrigerant. As a user, how can we simply judge whether it needs to be supplemented with refrigerant?

Usually in the summer under the ambient temperature state, when the cooling mode is turned on, the temperature difference between the air outlet and the air inlet of the indoor unit is about 10 degrees Celsius. If the temperature difference is too small, the indoor temperature may be close to the preset value, or it may be caused by the lack of refrigerant. not good. How to tell if air conditioner refrigerant is missing?

First, check whether it is related to the lack of refrigerant:
1. When you feel that the cooling of the device is not obvious, first check whether the temperature setting is at the preset value
2. The high-end air volume is set for the internal unit, but the air output is still too small. Please check whether the air inlet grille and filter screen are cleaned, and there is no dirt blockage resulting in poor air circulation;
3. Whether the direct sunlight during cooling increases the radiation temperature;
4. Whether the cooling air speed is adjusted correctly;
Whether the airflow at the air inlet and outlet of the outdoor unit circulates normally to ensure the best cooling effect.

Second, when the compressor runs continuously for more than half an hour, if the refrigerant is missing, the visual phenomenon is as follows:
1. The low-pressure tube (thick) is dry, and there is no obvious coolness to the touch.
2. The high-pressure pipe (thin) is hoarfrost. (inset, frosted copper valve).
3. Remove the cover of the indoor unit, the evaporator fins are not cool to the touch or have a small amount of frost. In wet areas, drains drain little or no water at all.
4. No hot air is discharged from the air outlet of the outdoor unit.
5. Oil contamination was found at each connection of the system.
6. The pressure measurement by professional technicians does not match the standard value. (depending on ambient temperature/refrigerant type)

Third, refrigerant supplement:
1. Use the same type of refrigerant as the nameplate on the fuselage, and do not mix them;
2. Find and repair the leak first, and then flush the fluoride, otherwise it will never be filled with water like a bathtub without a stopper. To find the leak point intuitively, you can refer to the 6th item of the second item, if there is a leak, there must be oil stains;
3. The more refrigerant is not added, the better, according to the length of the system, the standard factory value is given by each manufacturer;
4. It should be reminded that if it is confirmed that all the refrigerant in the system has leaked and the system pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure, the system must be evacuated again strictly before adding refrigerant.

The above points are the methods by which we, as customers, can simply judge whether the air conditioner is not cooling properly and whether it is caused by insufficient refrigerant. If you are still unsure, please call the after-sales phone of each brand manufacturer for consultation in time, and do not disassemble the main unit by yourself.

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