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Refrigerated boxes at best prices from china

DATE: 2022-10-17
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1.what is refriegrated box?

A refrigerated box is a container or vehicle that is designed to hold refrigerated or other temperature-controlled commodities during transportation.

Refrigerated boxes can be set at temperatures in the range of -30 degrees to -30 degrees in order to keep the product within the desired storage temperature range during transport.

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2.refrigerated box for transportation

In order to meet the cold storage needs of our customers worldwide, we are involved in providing a wide range of portable refrigerated transport services. kingclima refrigeratio, as a professional in the field of refrigerated transport and cold chain solutions, specializes in providing refrigerated transport and cold storage services, which can withstand a range of +30°C to -25°C, and can be used for different refrigerated industries of items We can meet the needs of different industries, including fruits, dairy processing industry,pharmaceuticals, vegetables, etc.


Given the current global situation, more and more customers are on the rise for the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, from fresh food, pharmaceuticals and technology solutions in the retail sector has seen significant growth, from computer microchips that require temperature-controlled transportation to vaccines that help prevent disease, the global community is increasingly dependent on the cold supply chain. So the trend is for refrigerated transportation to continue to rise in the future.


3.Cold chain products require different temperature-controlled environments for different product during transportation.

kingclima certainly thought of these problems, so the refrigerated containers in the process of use, can be installed together with the use of refrigerated units, refrigerated units according to the different refrigerated products, there are low pressure, high pressure units for users to choose.


So in the process of using refrigerated containers for transportation, the supply of refrigerated units can effectively improve the efficiency of transporting good preservation of refrigerated products. When you need to transport milk, eggs or frozen meat, drugs, can use refrigerated containers, and then directly through the temperature control to achieve the purpose of refrigerated transport.


The transportation industry is rapidly increasing the production of new refrigerated containers and trucks to meet the growing demand, using refrigerated containers for transportation can effectively reduce the cost of the transportation process.


Reefer containers are also easier to maintain and offer shippers greater flexibility and portability during transportation.

It plays a large role in reducing supply problems in the refrigerated supply chain and provide shippers and carriers with better opportunities to transport refrigerated products.

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