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refrigerated tricycle-for one last mile

DATE: 2022-08-23
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  In recent years, with the improvement of people’s demand for quality of life, cold chain distribution has gradually become an important part of the distribution, for the “last mile” of the distribution problem, the emergence of refrigerated tricycle, technically solve the problem.


  The use of advanced refrigeration technology, refrigeration units can already reach -25°C / 30°C refrigeration requirements, in the insulation material, the use of 45 kg density of polyurethane foam board, uniform foaming, density guarantee, effective insulation and insulation, to avoid the problem of cold gas leakage, which can ensure the effect of cold transport, but also save energy, save transport costs, more in line with the theme of energy saving and environmental protection.


refrigeration tricycle for sale 2022


  Refrigerated electric tricycle focus on the “last mile” of transportation, in addition to the fresh distribution of cold transport field, also applicable to medical cold chain transport, to achieve multi-functional, multi-purpose, refrigerated three-wheels smaller volume If the products in the city need to be transported to the township, the use of refrigerated tricycle can effectively save resources, coupled with the small power, intelligent, simple and easy to operate, start quickly, better save time costs. With a strong practicality, it can adapt to various bad road conditions as well as weather conditions, to meet the different conditions of transport and distribution situation.


  In the manufacturing of refrigerated tricycle, in line with the national green standards, beautiful appearance, beautiful, by the public is widely loved, the noise is relatively small, so it will not affect the life of the surrounding residents, while the failure rate of maintenance is low, even after a long time of use, can still maintain efficient use of efficiency, durable.


  Then, for the integrated electric short-distance transport refrigerated tricycle, in the process of transport refrigeration, the function of refrigeration unit should not be underestimated, kingclima launched the refrigeration unit models: B-100, B-100C, which can be adapted to the refrigerated tricycle B-100,B-100C, which can be installed and used on refrigerated tricycle.


  So do you know what are the advantages of refrigeration units?


(1) Full electric refrigeration units,DC12V-DC72V are optional


(2) Quick Installation, simple maintenance and low maintenance cost


(3) Full digital control, easy to operate


(4) DC powered driven (12V/24V/48V/72V/96V etc.)


(5) Green and Environmental Protection.


  KINGCLIMA provides customized design, including the size of the box, appearance, color,three wheels or four wheels refrigerated vehicle, while the appearance can be freely adjusted to meet a variety of distribution temperature needs, so that users open green hope, low-carbon life.


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