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truck refrigeration units price

DATE: 2022-08-23
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1.The importance of truck refrigeration unit


As an application of refrigeration design technology, refrigeration unit is mainly to study and select the performance of the host and auxiliary engine to match. With the continuous growth of the national economy, refrigeration devices have been widely used, especially food,vaccine,refrigeration and HVAC sytstem etc,provided us with great convenience.


2.Kingclima truck refrigeration units for sale


Kingclima’s truck refrigeration units are efficient, cost-saving and non-corrosive and can be used for various refrigeration applications.


3. Main advantages of truck refrigeration units


(1)DC12V 24V transport refrigeration unit for chiller battery powered refrigeration units.

(2) Truck refrigeration units require higher energy saving, noise control requirements when operating, and even higher protection for vehicle generators to ensure that they can always be restarted in complex urban traffic conditions.

(3) Low emission, high performance, green and environmental protection.

(4) High cooling capacity, which can achieve rapid cooling during use.

(5) Temperature control system, which can easily meet the needs of transporting different goods at the same time, improve transportation efficiency, shorten the distribution path and reduce operating costs.


4. The use of truck refrigeration unit


With super air volume and refrigeration capacity, it can meet the needs of long-distance freezing and refrigeration, and can transport fruits, vegetables, flowers, frozen fish, frozen shrimp, etc. Because of the high value of the goods transported in the process of cold chain transportation, the temperature of the goods must be guaranteed during the transportation process, therefore, before loading, the refrigeration unit must be turned on for pre-cooling, so that the box is cooled for at least 30 minutes and used to maintain the temperature of the goods.


5. The impact of the price of the truck refrigeration unit


Most of the customers in the purchase, the price is the first consideration, but the price is really a unified measure of the unit? It is not!


(1) Why can’t we just focus on price?

Usually, the price range of different brands of refrigeration units vary, for workers in the cold chain industry all year round, performance, refrigeration capacity, the use of life and other factors are put in the first place to consider, so if you are only concerned about the price, then you can not achieve the purpose of freezing and refrigeration.


(2) Quality assurance.

The price range of truck refrigeration units on the market is very large, different prices between the use of the effect is not the same, it is recommended that customers in the choice, the price as a criterion at the same time, should also be based on the performance of the unit and transport products needs to choose, while and after-sales guarantee manufacturers to go for cooperation.


6. About Kingclima refrigeration brand


(1) Our company is located in the Cold Chain Industrial Park in Henan Province, China, covering an area of 29,000 square meters, with more than 250 skilled workers and 6 automatic assembly lines.


(2) We have an annual production capacity of over 16,000 truck refrigeration units (all electric/battery refrigeration units and engine driven units), truck refrigeration units, semi-trailer transport refrigeration units and refrigeration truck bodies. We also have advanced testing machines and equipment to maintain the good performance of each refrigeration unit.


7. As a professional manufacturer of refrigeration units, kingclima brand has more than 20 years of production experience in the production and manufacture of refrigeration units for van/truck/trailer/tricycle. We look forward to cooperating with dealers of refrigeration units around the world!


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