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Van refrigeration unit solutions

DATE: 2022-07-27
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What better solution is there for customers who only need to transport products over short distances, such as flowers, beverages, baked goods, and so on?


With the continuous expansion of the cold chain transportation market, for non-long-distance cold chain distribution and transportation,for ensuring the quality of products and short-distance delivery between cities, refrigeration units are the first choice for users, because whether it is delivering medicines, alcohol, flowers, food, etc., or vegetables and Fruits, etc., customized services can meet the needs of customers in different cold chain industries.


In China’s cold chain industry, kingclima has 20 years of experience in the production and manufacturing of refrigeration units. As a manufacturer of van refrigeration units, we can provide solutions to meet your refrigeration needs according to your van models. , In order to arrive fresh, products require precise and constant temperature control during transportation, our van series of units are constantly updated and improved to meet the requirements of today’s competitive market.


The van refrigeration units are powered by on-board batteries, allowing you to run the refrigeration unit without running the engine of the delivery vehicle, which can effectively reduce fuel costs, emissions and urban delivery noise, providing you with the ultimate urban delivery and refrigeration load protection capability.




1. The kingclima team recommends the V-300 Electric Refrigeration Units, first and foremost because of their excellent temperature stability, which provides a consistent temperature for your cargo.

2. Due to the limited storage space of ordinary vans, generally 2-8 cubic meters, the refrigeration capacity should be given priority, which can perfectly meet the refrigeration needs of small vans to transport various fresh products.

3. The controllable temperature range is very wide, the temperature range can reach -30°C to 30°C, and the DC12V/24V power supply is used to provide constant reliability and precision, and the compact and thin evaporator will not take up too much installation space. Type refrigeration units have the potential to increase usage levels.

4. The van-type refrigeration unit is powered by the vehicle’s 12v/24v battery pack, with high environmental protection performance, minimizing damage to the environment, making the vehicle more environmentally friendly and not polluting the environment.




1. Freeze or freeze, with powerful cooling output.


2. Fast cooling speed increases battery life.


3. Low power consumption can effectively extend the service life of refrigeration units.


4. Quiet operation in noise sensitive areas.


5. Can be applied to different types of van models.


6. Designed for performance – built to last.




These freezer units have a sleek profile and can be roof mounted without taking up too much space, including but not limited to SUV, Nissan NV, ford van and more. As with any other van model, we have a solution to suit your business needs.


Are you looking for a complete and suitable refrigeration unit solution for your van?


Don’t hesitate, for more box refrigeration unit solutions, please leave us a message; the kingclima team will respond quickly and provide you with the best quality solutions.

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