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What is refrigerated truck box?

DATE: 2022-08-11
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After the epidemic, more and more people are more concerned about health, so there is a higher demand for cold chain transportation, so more and more new people come into contact with the industry of cold chain transportation, and refrigerated truck boxes are becoming more and more in demand.

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1.The composition of refrigerated truck


Refrigerated truck is mainly composed of automobile chassis, heat insulation and thermal insulation compartment body, refrigeration unit, temperature recorder in the car and other components, for special requirements of the vehicle, such as meat hook truck, can be retrofitted with meat hooks, stop waist, aluminum alloy rail, ventilation slot and other optional parts.


2. Definition of refrigerated truck box


First of all, we need to understand the structure of the refrigerated truck box, refrigerated truck box is a combination of insulation truck box plate, box plate in the industry commonly known as “sandwich composite plate”, plate by the inner and outer skin, insulation layer and skeleton, after a special adhesive bonding and become.


3. How do refrigerated truck box work?


Refrigerated trucks are specifically designed for transporting perishable goods, but have internal insulation and vents, internal cooling systems that can transport frozen and refrigerated goods, while regulating the temperature of the refrigerated truck so that it can transport heated goods. If you are transporting temperature sensitive goods and you need a space to keep them within a safe range, the refrigerated truck box is your best choice for practicality and reliability so you don’t have to worry about it during the transportation process.


(1) Compressor

The compressor is the front-most cooling function. Connected to the engine and powered by the reefer truck’s belt system, the compressor acts on the system’s refrigerant gas, compressing it together and sending it to the condenser.


(2) Condenser

The condenser, located on the refrigerated truck (usually facing the vehicle) receives the concentrated refrigerant gas and converts it into a liquid. This occurs when the refrigerant passes through small cyclone tubes that expose the refrigerant gas to outside air. The high surface area ratio of these small tubes allows for maximum cooling, resulting in a cool, liquefied refrigerant.


(3) Evaporator

The refrigerant then flows to the condenser located inside the refrigerated trailer. This is the point where the heat that circulates around your product and damages it leaves and is drawn in by the cold refrigerant. As the refrigerant warms up, it becomes gaseous again and eventually returns to the compressor to restart the process.


(4) Insulation

In general, trucks usually have a uniform layer of polyurethane foam that provides a barrier between the heat and moisture inside your temperature regulated interior and the exterior.


3. What are the benefits of buying a refrigerated truck?


(1) There will always be a need for perishable commodities, milk and pharmaceuticals, transporting refrigerated cargo, and temperature sensitive items.

(2) The transportation is more powerful, more reliable, and the performance plays more stable.


4. how to use the refrigerated trucks?


1. Pay attention to the pre-cooling of goods and cold storage before loading goods


Transport equipment is to maintain the temperature while loading goods while transporting. Can not be loaded in the cold storage to reduce the temperature of the goods or make it freeze. If the cargo is loaded at a high temperature or at a high temperature in the cold storage, it will be difficult to lower the temperature to a proper temperature. Therefore, please make sure to pre-cool the cargo and the cold storage to lower it to the transport temperature.


2. Smooth circulation of cold air among the goods


In order to maintain a uniform temperature in the cold storage, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to the stacking of goods. Particular attention should be paid to the goods can not be stacked to the roof of the car or in the cold air outlet or air inlet stacked goods.


3、The rapid moving in and out of goods


When the cold storage door is opened, the temperature inside the storage will rise when the airflow from outside enters. Please move the goods in and out as soon as possible. In addition, please stop the operation of the refrigeration unit when the goods are being moved.


4. Special attention should be paid when loading vegetables and fruits


Vegetables and fruits produce breathing heat, so if the circulation of cold air is not good, the temperature in the center of the carriage will rise, which will affect the quality of the goods. In addition, the upper part of the cargo which is close to the cold air outlet may cause frostbite due to cold air, so please protect it by covering it with a cover cloth in advance.


5、Keep the cold room clean and sanitary


When transporting food, it is important to keep it clean. If salt, fat, etc. adheres to the inner wall or door seal, it is not only unhygienic, but also corrodes the carriage and shortens the life of the freezer truck.


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