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Why do RVs need to install air conditioner?

DATE: 2022-10-11
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  For travel enthusiasts, you need to know that you are choosing an RV because you want to enjoy life and enjoy traveling. Although RV travel is good, but the comfort is limited, for in the process of travel, you may encounter a variety of weather conditions change, if the weather is fine in spring and autumn, the temperature is suitable, comfortable temperature may be more suitable for you to use RV travel, but if the summer heat or winter cold to travel?


  The hot weather in the summer may be okay, but if the temperature is above 30, then even if you open all the windows of the RV, the cooling effect is not very good, mainly because the RV space is too small, too many things inside, the weather is too hot, it will only make you feel more stuffy, especially in the summer field, even if the RV doors are open, it will not make you feel very cool.


  Based on this situation, RV air conditioner came into being, mainly for the use of vehicle air conditioning, usually, this air conditioner is generally installed on the top of the vehicle, the internal unit in the top of the car, the external unit in the top of the car, so also called overhead air conditioning, in the process of installation, do not need to change the appearance of the car, suitable for most of the RV models, also suitable for RV conversion models.


  Advantages of RV overhead air conditioners in use:


(1) favorable price, easier to replace and repair.

(2) low overall noise, plus the integrated design, easy to install.

(3) strong and fast cooling capacity, can quickly achieve the effect of cooling.


  Today’s RV air conditioning has become a necessary option for RV travel, the best choice to bring you the most comfortable experience, can provide you with a comfortable cool and warm environment, A point worth noting: RV air conditioning can generally be external power supply (110V/220V), directly connected to the power supply can be used.

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