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Why Install KINGCLIMA Electric Truck Air Conditioner

DATE: 2022-03-09
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Why are more and more customers liking and installing KingClima’s electric air conditioners:

Truck Power 340HP
Idle speed fuel consumption
Oil Price
Daily usage time 4
Days of use per year 120
Total annual cost
  1. Save money

Because the electric air conditioner is battery-driven, it solves the problem that the traditional air conditioner can only be used when the engine is idle, and realizes the real parking operation of the air conditioner. The annual fuel cost can be saved by 25000RMB /3900 dollars.

  1. Battery Power

Powered by the battery in the truck, it has nothing to do with the truck engine and can be used either while the vehicle is running or when it is parked

  1. Low noise

The use of high quality evaporation fan, low noise, can meet the needs of drivers sleep at night

  1. Simple Installation

Integrated air conditioning design, one person can install.  At the same time we provide a full set of installation accessories and installation instructions

  1. Voltage protection function

With voltage protection function, the battery voltage is automatically disconnected when the battery voltage is low to the minimum starting voltage of the vehicle. There is no need to worry about starting the startup problem and protect the battery life.

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