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Why not connect your RV air conditioner use the batteries

DATE: 2022-03-08
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Air conditioning is especially important when you want to drive a campervan/RV to travel and camp in hot weather. Before, many camping vehicles were equipped with AC110V air conditioners. This kind of air conditioner allows you to enjoy the coolness but can only work by connecting to the grid or using diesel generators to generate electricity. However, many people travel where there is no grid and do not want to use diesel engines. In this case everyone is wondering if there is an RV air conditioner that can be powered by the battery in the RV.

As an air conditioner specially designed for RV, the KINGCLIMA Coolpro2800C RV air conditioner adopts a 12V DC compressor design, just connect the RV air conditioner to the battery and the air conditioner can start cooling. Coolpro2800C has a cooling capacity of 2800W/9660BTU, the operating noise of the air conditioner is only 60 decibels, and the current is only 25-40A in the energy-saving mode. It can be directly installed at the 14’’x14’’ air outlet without a separate hole. The internal size after installation is only 4cm.And there are many functions such as battery low voltage protection, fan failure alarm and so on.Coolpro2800C makes your journey more comfortable.

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