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K-2100 Trailer Refrigeration Unit

Model : K-2100
Refrigerant: R404a
Charge: 7kg
Oil Capacity: 12.6L
Applicable volume:80m³ – 100m³
Unit voltage:DC12V

Product Introduction


(1) High power, low energy consumption, stable performance, long maintenance cycle;

(2) High efficiency and long life;

(3) High power generation efficiency and low failure rate;

(4) Strong drying ability and good filtration effect, Reasonable design, high rust grade;

(5) High temperature resistant valve body, high performance coil, easy to install;

K-2100 parameter: 

Technical Parameter
Minimum Temperature Of Container: below 30℃
Cooling Capacity: 0℃/19900w -20℃/10900w((Ambient Temperature: 30℃))
Refrigerant: R404a Charge: 7kg
Defrosting: Automatic defrosting (hot gas defrosting) and manual forced defrosting
Oil Capacity 12.6L
Maintenance Cycle 3000 hours
Applicable volume 80m³ – 100m³
Evaporation air volume 5850m³/h
Unit voltage DC12V
Compressor model/number of cylinders/displacement 6tfr(y)/6cylinders/715cm³
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