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B-350 Battery Refrigeration Unit

Model: B-350
Driven Type:Battery driven unit
Compressor:Highly 145 compressor*2
Application: 12-16m³ box of van and pickup
Refrigerant :R404a

Product Introduction


B-350 Battery Refrigeration Unit

Kingclima as the best transport refrigeration units supplier in China can supply DC powered 12-volt refrigeration units for vans (or 24 volts). And Kingclima small vans with refrigeration units are very popular with inner city transportation for fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products delivery.



◆ Driven by DC powered vehicle battery, save much fuel.
◆ Add CPR valve to protect compressors, suitable for the hot place.
◆ Realize that vehicle engine is off but cooling system is continuous.
◆ Adopt Eco-friendly refrigerant: R404a
◆ Hot gas defrosting system: Auto and manual for choices
◆ Worldwide famous key parts: Sanden compressor, Danfoss Valve, Good Year, Spal fans; Codan, etc.
◆ Compressor is in the inner side of condenser, helps save installation space and easy to install.




Applicable Temperature -18℃~+15℃
cooling capacity(W) 3070W(0℃) 1560W(-18℃)
Compressor/Number Two HIGHLY compressors,VDD145  X  2
Voltage (V) DC48V
Power Range (W) 1500 – 3000 W
Refrigerant R404a
 Refrigerant charge 1.5~1.6 Kg
box temperature adjustment Electronic digital display
 Safety protect  High and low pressure switch
Defrosting Hot gas defrost automatically
Evaporator 850×550×175(mm) / 19(Kg)
Dimensions  / Weight Condenser 1000×850×234(mm) / 60(Kg)
Fan Number / Air volume Evaporator 2个 /  1300m3/h
Condenser 1个 /  1400m3/h
 Box volume(m3) 12m3(-18℃)
Quick Consultation
Kingclima is a professional supplier of transportation cold chains, we have over 20 years of experience in producing refrigeration units for all kinds of vehicles including vans, trucks, trailers, etc. If you are interested in becoming our distributor, please contact us, we look forward to working with you.We also specialize in the field of parking air conditioners,we are producing electric air conditioners, engine air conditioners that could match your vehicle type, choose Kingclima and you will get the best cooling solution to meet your needs!